Social Justice Warrior Handbook

The Social Justice Warrior Handbook will unlock the secrets to identifying social injustice and surviving in a world that doesn’t care about your feelings.

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SJWs are vital to the movement. Whenever you're feeling blue, SJWs will start smashing store fronts, seeing 'microaggresions' everywhere, demanding college dormitories change their names to create a 'safe space,' or some other idea that annoys everybody. Get The Social Justice Warrior Handbook and be happy every day!

Ann Coulter, Twelve-Time New York Times Bestselling Author

As a former Army Special Forces and combat guy, I can tell you there is no greater cause than the fight for your right to be comfortable at all times. Lisa De Pasquale gives SJWs the respect they deserve.

Terry Schappert, Canine Parent

I used my white male privilege to be quoted in this book.

Andrew Schulz, Comedian

The Social Justice Warrior Handbook is an invaluable tool for the modern LGBTQIA activist desperate to fight the oppression of pronouns and gender specific bathrooms all while ignoring the barbaric treatment of LGBT people in the Islamic world!

Chris R. Barron, Gay Activist

When it comes to political advice, you should only listen to Hollywood actors like me, but if I'm unavailable, this book will do.

Nick Searcy, Peabody Award-winning International Film and Television Star

Thanks to decades of less than diverse content from Marvel and DC Comics there are dozens of beloved characters to culturally re-appropriate and gender flip. The Social Justice Warrior Handbook is Virtue Signaling made easy.

Brett R. Smith, Comic Book Artist and New York Times Bestselling Author, Co-author of Thump